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Sent out every other month, each of Dr Calvin Mackie's newsletters is packed with exclusive stories, personal advice and compelling thoughts on leadership, success, motivation, dealing with adversity, and igniting passion. Dr. Mackie's newsletters are completely unique because they have thought-provoking commentary that will inspire anyone who is open to looking at the world from a different perspective. His content is customized to address the special interests of his three audiences: business professionals, educators, and students. Sign up below to receive Dr. Mackie's inspirational messages.

The Corporations section of the newsletter supplies tips and tools that business professionals need to develop powerful leadership skills. Discussing issues of trust, integrity, and ethics, Dr Mackie provides real-world advice on how to consistently operate with honesty and character when faced with difficult or challenging situations.

As a former professor, Dr. Mackie knows that being a teacher is one of the greatest, most rewarding professions in the world. The Educators section of his newsletter is designed to address the challenges teachers face everyday. Understanding that there are classroom politics, that kids can be confrontational, and that living up to government standards is a demanding task, he speaks the language of the classroom offering compassion and instilling courage. Dr. Mackie delivers wise counsel so that teachers will never forget the importance of their mission.

From remedial reading, developmental math and writing courses to earning his Ph.D., Dr. Mackie has sat in literally every seat a student will ever find themselves in. The Students section presents Dr. Mackie's best advice for any student to achieve their full potential. He knows that today's students are faced with overwhelming pressure from the media, peers, and sometimes even parents. Regardless of background, Dr. Mackie's newsletter is there to lift students up during difficult times and inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Newsletter Archive

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October 2011 - Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Work

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November 2012 - Lost and Found: Staying on the Path of Success

December 2012 - Beings Before Doings

February 2013 - A New Year of Promise and Struggle