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Dr. Calvin Mackie has an electrifying presentation style that enables him to motivate others to take decisive action.

If your company or organization requires an inspirational opening or thought provoking closing, Dr. Mackie can deliver the message and unify your employees in furtherance of a common theme or mission. His inspirational story has become the basis of a successful speaking career, and for over ten years Dr. Mackie has been delivering presentations to Fortune 500 corporations, government organizations, and civic and educational institutions across the country, as well as international conferences.

Dr. Mackie has the unique ability to connect with his audience in a way that rallies the workforce and creates buy-in for the common objectives of the management team. He works with your leadership group to create alignment on the issues in your company that require a renewed commitment or a new direction. He brings an extraordinary perspective to sales and marketing meetings and can rev up the energy so that the entire team is focused on hitting their goals. In addition to his talents in discourse, his engineering background allows him to have a special rapport with more technical staff members who can connect with his thinking and draw inspiration from his charismatic approach.

Dr. Mackie's keynote presentations and workshops address the following points:

  • Developing an internal framework for making intelligent decisions in the workplace
  • Integrating intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development to become a good corporate citizen
  • Synchronizing your greatness for professional excellence
  • Overcoming obstacles and confronting adversity to enhance your workplace effectiveness
  • Building profitable relationships so you emerge on the leadership track
  • Mentoring colleagues to bring value to both parties
  • "From Remedial Reading to PH.D."

Presentations vary in duration and are tailored to customer needs in terms of the topics to be addressed. Presentations are available in a keynote, half-day, and full-day format.

LIFE is for the Living: Choosing to Live a More Fulfilling Life of Purpose

Learn the 6 lessons of LIFE (Living Intelligently For Ever) that can lead to intellectual, spiritual, and emotional stimulation.

The Uninhibited Powers: Realizing Your True Potential

Learn to identify at-risk behavior and situations using the EAT (Education, Attitude, Timing) and RAP (Respect, Accountability, and Productivity) theories of success.

The Uninhibited Power of SEX

Learn to improve relationships at home, at work, or at school using the
omething Extra theory of success

Free Willie: Identifying and Unleashing Your Innate Abilities

Learn why education is the only tool or mechanism you can use to create a free and fulfilling life in a diverse and dynamic world.

Save the Cheetah Cubs: Defining and Defeating External and Internal Competitors

Learn to confront and resolve the self-defeating attitudes (fear, greed, and ignorance) that rob individuals of everyday happiness.

Effective Mentoring: Developing an Effective Mentoring/Protégé Relationship

Learn the mentoring methodology that can help others become productive and effective members of your organization.