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A View from the Roof - Lessons for Life & Business

With stories from Willie Mackie Jr.
And a Special Foreword by Anthony Mackie,
star of The Hurt Locker

A View from the Roof

Calvin Mackie is an inventor, activist, critically acclaimed author, internationally renowned motivational speaker, and successful entrepreneur. Willie Mackie Jr. is a successful restaurateur. And youngest brother Anthony is one of Hollywood 's brightest stars.
The Mackie brothers have each taken a different route to success, but they all have one thing in common. Before they made the Big Time, they served Hard Time - working for their father Willie Sr.'s roofing company on the hot gable rooftops of New Orleans. He was one tough daddy!
In A View from the Roof - Lessons for Life & Business, Dr. Mackie brings you right in the front door of his New Orleans home and up on the roof for an intimate look at his hard-nosed, but endearing dad Willie Mackie Sr. Through poignant and often hilarious vignettes, each chapter highlights a lesson Calvin and his brothers learned from Willie Sr., and offers step-by-step advice for readers to apply these lessons in their own lives. One part memoir, one part motivation, this book offers an array of practical wisdom that will lead anyone to greatness!

"A View from the Roof will inspire the hip hop and the old school as well as the educated and incarcerated. In sharing the lessons learned from his father, Dr. Calvin Mackie has opened his soul and allowed us to smell the tar, the gumbo, the cut grass, and the love of life that is invaluable to any human being. It is a priceless guide for manhood."
-- C. Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans

Society demands that we be successful, but it doesn't offer ample direction. A View from the Roof puts you right in Willie Sr.'s classroom on the roof, and teaches you how to:

  • Master your craft, dominate your industry, and have more control over your financial fate
  • Transform your work into something that is meaningful without leaving your current job
  • Bring excellence to everything you do and develop an impeccable reputation for service in the marketplace
  • Find the mentor who will nurture your growth and help you make the right connections - and how to serve the role of mentor yourself
  • Become a source of inspiration, love, and intellectual nourishment for your children
  • Conquer the fear of criticism, and be 100% prepared for disaster if and when the time comes

Books highlighting the successes of Black men are rare; we appreciate the few that get published. In A View from the Roof, Calvin traces the Mackie family back to its humble beginnings on the Louisiana plantations—and carries us to the present where we find the Mackie men now achieving extraordinary things with their lives. We see:

  • Calvin's grandfather struggling to support his family in the segregated South, and defiantly inventing a degree for his trade
  • Willie Mackie Sr., build a thriving roofing business of 100 employees with only a ladder, a truck, and an 8th grade education
  • Calvin Mackie working his way up to become a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tulane University, and inventing a patented luggage safety device for airplanes
  • Anthony Mackie becoming a star of stage and screen despite a lack of connections in the business
  • Willie Mackie Jr. constantly butting heads with Willie Sr., but eventually learning to apply his father's advice for his own business success

Acanthus Publishing, 195 pages, soft cover
ISBN-13: 978-0-9754810-3-5
PRICE: $17.95